Separation Logic Proofs in Coq

This page is an experiment to assist me in my separation logic class teaching how to use separation logic to prove programs. I use Arthur Charguéraud's material and Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias's JsCoq for running it in your browser.



Alt-Enter (Cmd should work in Macs too) goes to the current point; Alt-N/P or Alt-Down/Up will move through the proof; F8 or the power icon toggles the goal panel.

In case of stack overflow, try using Chrome and increasing the stack limit:

google-chrome --js-flags="--harmony-tailcalls" --js-flags="--stack-size=65536"

A command with orange background is being processed, so you might want to wait for it.

A command with kinda gray background is done processing, without error.

A command with red background raised an error -- see it in the bottom-right corner.


Loading the library

Your browser should first load the files from my server, which may take approximately 10 or 20 seconds, and then the following loading command should take about 20 seconds depending on your browser and computer.